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This playlist is all over the place, but here are some good jams for some good vibes on a good run for y’all. Enjoy!
YouTube Playlist HERE.
Phosphorescent - Song For Zula
Jhene Aiko - Drinking and Driving
MAGIC! - Don’t Kill The Magic
MAGIC! - Rude
Calvin Harris - Summer
Tove Lo - Stay High (Habits Remix)
Coldplay - Magic
OneRepublic - Preacher
OneRepublic - Something I Need
Greg Laswell - New Year’s Eves
Matt Corby - Resolution
M83 - I Need You
The 1975 - Girls
The 1975 - Robbers
G-Eazy - Been On
G-Eazy - Let’s Get Lost (feat. Devon Baldwin)
Iron and Wine - Boy With A Coin
Two Door Cinema Club - Changing of the Seasons
Capital Cities - Nothing Compares 2 U
Ellie Goulding - High For This (The Weeknd Cover)
Tourist - Your Girl
5 Seconds of Summer - She Looks So Perfect
Paramore - Ain’t It Fun
Jason Mraz - Love Someone
Brantley Gilbert - Bottoms Up
Thomas Rhett - Get Me Some of That
MKTO - Classic

Would you look at that. Someone using my picture again without tagging me.



I wish I had the ability to make boys really nervous

holding a really sharp knife to their neck usuallly does the trick for me

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It’s not a big deal that you gained weight. Honestly, in the big picture, who cares? Did you live life the way you wanted to? Did you have fun? Did you find people you love? Did you learn lots of interesting things? That’s probably what you’re gonna care about when you’re at your death bed, not about the fact that you “gained weight” when you were 21.
My 18 year old brother, when i was freaking out about my recovery weight gain.  (via thephilyptian)

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Don’t compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.
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Julia Avery


don’t sit in your pajamas and reblog posts about how you wish you could be pretty and confident, just do it. Get up early so you can do your hair and makeup all nice for school, flirt with the boys and let them come to you, say “thank you” instead of “no i’m not” when someone calls you pretty,  fake that fucking confidence until it’s real, do you understand me? Now go own that red lipstick.


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